Backlog Roulette


A regularly occurring event - the Backlog Roulette adds a bit of chance and excitement (or pain) to picking out what game we each play next.

We each choose a game from our own backlog that we hope to play. Then we each also choose a game for the other two to play from each of their backlogs. Thus, we each end up with three possibilities to take up our gaming attention until the next episode is recorded.  With a roll of the digital dice, we let the fates decide what's in store for us.  Other than that, there are no rules: if we hate each other that week, we can suggest the worst game we can think of; if we're feeling generous, then we might choose a classic that anyone would enjoy.

On some weeks we may decide to employ a group roulette, wherein we choose a game for all of us to play and then discuss on a future episode.

(Josh: I will make Elliot play Silent Hill if it's the last thing I ever do.)

(Josh: Update: I said I was gonna do it!)


Episode 27: Happy Belated

JoshBeyond: Two Souls

Episode 25: The Most Terrible Game

JoshBorderlands 2
WinnerBorderlands 2

23: Broken in Some Way


Episode 20: I’m a Weiner


Episode 18: What Remains of Metal Gear

ElliotUncharted: The Lost Legacy
WinnerUncharted: The Lost Legacy

Episode 10: Rabid Mario

JoshBeyond Good & EvilLimboMetal Gear Rising: RevengeanceWinner: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
ElliotSilent HillCastlevania: Lords of ShadowUndertale Gears of WarWinner: Silent Hill
StevoDonkey Kong CountryMirror's EdgeSomaWinner: Donkey Kong Country

Episode 6: Self-Inflicted Wounds

JoshNiGHTS: Into DreamsResident Evil 5Wolfenstein: The New OrderWinner: Wolfenstein: The New Order
ElliotMega Man LegendsLegend of Zelda: Minish CapWolfenstein: The New OrderWinner: Wolfenstein: The New Order
StevoSystem Shock 2VirginiaBayonetta 2Winner: Virginia
GroupThe Stanley ParableHer StorySpec Ops: The LineWinner: Spec Ops: The Line

Episode 4: Big Box of Fun

JoshAssassin's CreedGod of WarMass EffectWinner: Assassin's Creed
ElliotValiant HeartsMetroid FusionTo the MoonWinner: To the Moon
StevoBastionArkham OriginsHalf-Life 2Winner: Bastion

Episode 2: A Little Bit of Schadenfreude

JoshOri and the Blind ForestArkham AsylumDOOM (2016)Winner: DOOM
ElliotSilent HillRatchet & ClankThe Last of UsWinner: The Last of Us
StevoChrono TriggerDarksidersUndertaleWinner: Chrono Trigger